Based on YONDUN’s strong domestic sales network in China and the growing coal demand in the domestic market, we have decided to conduct a global procurement of coal. We are inviting coal mine owners, coal producers, international traders and sellers from all over the world to submit company profiles, qualification documents and quotations. Please check our latest purchasing plan below for more details.

To register as a Supplier of YONDUN and send a quotation, please complete the following three-stage process:

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Step 1. Registration & Log in

Create your profile and related information and fill out the form, after completion of registration you will receive a successful registration email.

Log in to your account and unlock to view our latest purchasing plan.

Step 2. View Coal Purchasing Plan & Submit A Quotation

View our purchasing plan and fill in the relevant quotation content according to the requirements in the form and click “Submit Your Quotation”, you will see the content of your completed quotation form on your account page.

Step 3. Fill out the Survey Form to upgrade to a Silver or Gold Supplier

Upgrading to a Silver or Gold Supplier requires registered suppliers to complete a Survey Form with a total points of more than 80 points.

If you have any questions, please contact us at purchasing@yondun.com

Purchasing Plans

YONDUN Long term Purchasing Plan Annual of Steam Coal

YONDUN Long-term Purchasing Plan (Annual) of Steam Coal

Requirement: Net Calorific Value(ARB): 5200~5500 Kcal/kg. Application: For power generation in thermal power plants. Total Procurement Volume: Approx 15,000,000 ~16,000,000 MT / Annually; Approx 1,300,000 MT / Monthly. Click on the title link above for details.

Supplier Levels

Supplier Levels of YONDUN

Introduction of Supplier Level and Silver/Gold / Diamond Supplier Upgrade Rules.


Supplier Toolkit

Supplier Toolkit guides potential suppliers through the process of entering the supply system of YONDUN and uses tools to improve efficiency.