Supplier Levels of YONDUN

YONDUN’s Supplier System is divided into four categories: Registered Suppliers, Silver Suppliers, Gold Suppliers, and Diamond Suppliers. In order to improve our purchasing efficiency, YONDUN implements an online automatic audit mechanism. 

Registered Supplier: Enter the registration page and fill in the information to join the registered supplier. 

Silver Supplier: Registered suppliers fill in the Survey Form (Points System), and the accumulated total points are greater than 80 points and less than 90 points. Our software system will automatically upgrade registered suppliers to silver suppliers.

Gold Supplier: Registered suppliers fill in the Survey Form (Points System) of YONDUN, and the points are greater than 90 points. Our software system will automatically upgrade registered suppliers to gold suppliers. 

Diamond Supplier: Diamond Supplier is our contracted supplier and officially enters our supply system. Suppliers who have been awarded silver or gold (quotations have been submitted through our online quotation system) can directly contact Purchasing Department to discuss the pricing, contract details, etc. After both parties reach an agreement, YONDUN staff will manually upgrade the Silver or Gold Suppliers to Diamond Suppliers. 


  1. If the total points of the registered suppliers do not reach 80 points in the first time of filling out the YONDUN survey, it means that the suppliers do not meet the trading conditions of YONDUN. Our software system allows registered suppliers to fill out the Survey for the second time, and if the total points of the second time of filling out the survey (The supplier has agreed to the trading conditions of YONDUN) reach 80 points or more (become a Silver or Gold Supplier), they can directly contact the purchasing staff of YONDUN to discuss price and contract details, etc.
  2. All registered suppliers, silver suppliers, and gold suppliers need to submit quotations through our online quotation system (e-mail quotation is only used as a supplement to online quotation), and this quotation serves as the basis for YONDUN purchasing personnel to negotiate with suppliers. 

Supplier levels and permissions are described in the following table.

All Tools and Upgrades to Silver / Gold / Diamond Suppliers are FREE !
  • Registered Supplier
  • Silver Supplier
  • Gold Supplier
  • Diamond Supplier
FeaturesRegistered SupplierSilver SupplierGold SupplierDiamond Supplier
RequirementOnline Registration>80 Points (Survey Form) >90 Points (Survey Form) Manual Approval *
View the Detailed Purchasing Plan
Submit A Quotation to YONDUN
Download LOI (Letter of Intent)
View Coal Inspection Standard of Destination Port
NAR & Prices Calculator etc
View Additional Purchasing Plans
Document Management at Port of Departure & Destination
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* To become a Diamond Supplier, you need to become a Gold Supplier then you can apply to YONDUN.