About Us

LIANYUNGANG YONDUN CO., LTD is a company specializing in domestic coal and energy fuel distribution. After years of development, YONDUN has developed a set of efficient operations of coal procurement, sales and transportation management mode, and the company has a sound distribution network, sales network covers the main domestic coal consumption areas, covering more than a dozen domestic provinces, cities and autonomous regions. YONDUN insists on the principle of “Quality First, Customer First, Quality Service” and provides various services including direct rail delivery, port delivery, destination delivery, distribution base delivery, road delivery, etc. The company has formed close and good cooperation relationships with sizeable thermal power plants, large chemical companies, large petroleum refining companies, and large steel plants in many provinces in China.

Benefiting from the rapid development of China’s economy, YONDUN relies on its strong sales network to actively explore the sales market for crude oil and natural gas, gradually forming a diversified industrial structure.

Advantages of Yondun:

  1. Yondun has several coal washing, processing, and blending bases, using advanced processing technology to carefully select high-quality coal for delivery to domestic customers in China.
  2. Yondun has an independent coal testing laboratory, which adopts China National Standards and uses advanced quality testing instruments to test the quality of various domestic coal varieties.
  3. Yondun has several coal transfer stations with efficient logistics systems to meet the requirements of domestic customers in China for accurate quantity and delivery time.
  4. Our team of experts has rich experience in the coal industry, and we have signed long-term coal purchase contracts with large coal mine producers in China, maintaining a good relationship.

Annual Thermal Coal Procurement Plan - 2023 Released