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20 Years in the Coal Industry

LIANYUNGANG YONDUN CO., LTD is a company specializing in domestic coal and energy fuel distribution. After years of development, YONDUN has developed a set of efficient operations of coal procurement, sales and transportation management mode, and the company has a sound distribution network, sales network covers the main domestic coal consumption areas, covering more than a dozen domestic provinces, cities and autonomous regions. YONDUN insists on the principle of “Quality First, Customer First, Quality Service” and provides various services including direct rail delivery, port delivery, destination delivery, distribution base delivery, road delivery, etc. The company has formed close and good cooperation relationships with sizeable thermal power plants, large chemical companies, large petroleum refining companies, and large steel plants in many provinces in China.

Our Products

Our Sales Network covers the major coal consuming regions in China

Steam Coal / Thermal Coal of Shanxi

Net Calorific Value(ARB) :4800~5500 Kcal/kg;
Volatile Matter :19%~28% ;

China Neimenggu Thermal Coal

Net Calorific Value(ARB) :5100~5200 Kcal/kg;    Volatile Matter :24%~29% ;

High NCV China Yulin Steam Coal

Net Calorific Value(ARB) :6600~6800 Kcal/kg;       Volatile Matter :8%~10% ;

We provide a variety of coal to meet the different needs of our Customers

Industry Applications

Home Application Steam Coal for Power Plant scaled e1680242312401

Thermal coal is the main fuel of thermal power plants, which is the process of using thermal coal as fuel to drive the steam turbine to rotate and then the steam turbine to drive the generator to rotate and transform into electric energy.

Home Application Thermal Coal for Cement Plant scaled e1680242272940

Coal is an important fuel for cement, and the quality of coal directly affects the quality of cement clinker.

Home Application Steam Coal for Chemical Plant scaled e1680242340834

In the chemical industry, coal is mainly used as fuel to burn boilers to generate steam, which can be used in the drying, heating, distillation and other processes of chemical raw materials.

Imported Coal Sourcing & Procurement Zone of Yondun

As a coal buyer and importer in the international market, relying on China’s growing coal demand, Yondun invites global coal mine owners, coal producers, end sellers, and international traders to establish long-term business cooperation.

Please check our latest detailed Sourcing & Purchasing Plans as below:

Industry News

Annual Thermal Coal Procurement Plan - 2023 Released