Digging for Deals: Seeking Coal Buyers

Deep in the heart of coal country, an all-too-familiar scene plays out. Mining companies struggle to find buyers for their prized resource, while power plants and other industries scramble to secure enough coal to keep their operations running. For those with a keen eye for a bargain, this state of affairs presents a unique opportunity: …

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Coal Buyers: Going Direct for Better Deals

As the coal industry continues to evolve, so do the opportunities to access better deals and lower prices. Many coal buyers have discovered that buying direct from a source—such as a mine or a coal broker—is a straightforward and efficient way to get the coal they need at a competitive price. By learning the basics …

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Coal Deals: The Rise of Direct Buyers

As the demand for coal rises and the cost of energy continues to be a top priority, coal deals between the buyer and the seller are becoming more and more important. It’s no wonder then that the industry has seen a rise in the number of direct buyers – but just what does this mean …

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